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Root Canal ( RCT)

Root canal is done to save and repair a badly infected or damaged tooth instead of removing it.

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Save your damaged tooth with root canal treatment at Rekha Dental Laser & Implant Center

We do single sitting root canals as well.
Whole procedure is done under local anesthesia to avoid pain and discomfort.
Procedure done with the help of most advanced machinery such as endomotor and apex locators for maximum accuracy and patient comfort.
Dedicated single patient appointments.
All work is done following Proper sterilization protocols with use of instruments once only per patient.
We are doing laser root canals as well. We are the 1st clinic of Ghaziabad using laser in various dental procedures.

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We are 1st clinic in Ghaziabad using laser in dentistry

We are using dr smile soft tissue laser. ours is the 1st clinic in Ghaziabad using laser in dentistry for various procedures such as root canals, gummy smiles, bio-stimulation & bloodless procedures for better precision and patient satisfaction as laser holds advantages over traditional instruments. It keeps the duration of treatment short and reduces the risks with better results.

Common Questions about Root Canal Treatment(RCT)

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Does it hurt after root canal?
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Does all cavities needs root canals?
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What happens if you refuse the recommended treatment of a root canal?
How long does a tooth lasts after a root canal?
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